Smart medicine

Smart medicine

Intelligence for your health

At Blue Healthcare we believe that medicine can do much more than just cure, so we have developed an innovative health proposal based on managing health heritage, in which our medical team works with each patient to design customised Blue Life plans. In our centres we not only treat diseases and pathologies, but also analyse what can be done to prevent or delay them, and accelerate recovery. When assessing our patients, we don’t just look at a single piece of their health puzzle; the care model we offer is global and personalised and goes beyond traditional medical analysis, as we also consider our patients’ past, their environment, their lifestyle and the potential to improve their health and well-being. 

At Blue Healthcare we believe in preventive, predictive, accurate and personalised medicine.. We are convinced that intelligent and continuous investment in health helps people live longer and better.


Patient environment


Our team has been leading health innovation for decades

Blue Healthcare is the new health project of the Cordón family, founders and former owners of the largest private hospital group in Spain and one of the first in Europe. María Cordón, Pilar Muro and José Ramón Rubio led the group that was started 50 years ago by Dr Publio Cordón, from the 90s until its sale in 2014. They were pioneers in incorporating cutting-edge techniques and equipment in their network.

In-depth reflection on the future of medicine

Blue Healthcare is the result of in-depth reflection on what medicine can do to help people achieve their greatest physical and mental potential. Our CEO, María Cordón, travelled the world for three years to learn about the most advanced medical care centres in order to bring her techniques, therapies and equipment to Spain. Based on her research and experience, she has developed her own method, the Blue Method, to help people live fully at every stage of life.

We are convinced that this is the healthcare model of the future.

Blue Healthcare specialists are supported by an advisory team made up of international health experts. This collaboration helps our team to always stay up to date and allows us to develop diagnoses from more than 200 highly specific assessment parameters.

Two directors at the forefront of the new medicine

To lead the new medicine, Blue Healthcare has two renowned medical directors
Dr Pilar Muñoz-Calero

Medical Director of the Longevity Area

Paediatrician, neonatologist, stomatologist, addiction specialist and world leader in environmental medicine. As well as being Blue Healthcare’s Medical Director of the Longevity Area, Dr Muñoz-Calero is President of the Alborada Foundation and Co-director of the Department of Pathology and the Environment at the Complutense University of Madrid, where she is an associate professor. She is registered in Spain and the United Kingdom with the General Medical Council. She is also a member of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine.

Dr Marina Díaz-Marsá

Medical Director of the Mind Area

Internationally renowned psychiatrist, especially in the field of eating disorders. As well as being Blue Healthcare’s Medical Director of the Mind Area, Dr Díaz-Marsá is the head of department of the San Carlos Clinical Hospital in Madrid, where she manages the eating disorder unit and the early intervention in psychosis unit. Dr Díaz Marsá is also the National Director of the Ministry of Health’s mental health strategy for eating disorders, President of the Psychiatric Society of Madrid, full professor at the Complutense University of Madrid, Honorary Professor at the CES University in Colombia and graduated cum laude as a Doctor of Medicine from the University of Alcalá.


the new medicine

Our specialists will help you design a customised health plan