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Coronavirus Test

  • We diagnose whether you are currently affected (PCR).
  • We identify whether you have generated antibodies.
  • In doubtful cases: Confirmation test with antigens.
  • We have the most reliable tests available.
  • Immediate performance, with or without an appointment.
  • Professional experts in taking the sample.
  • Prescription, report and safe-conduct included. Dual language if necessary (Spanish and English).
  • Home care (special service) or for companies.
  • Express service in cases that require it (travel, events, emergencies...).
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We provide you with the most advanced certified tests, as well as a prestigious medical team that carries out the prescription, analyses the results and prepares a personalised report on the state of infection by the SARS-Cov-2 virus:

Do I have the virus now, can I infect?
  • COVID PCR with 99% reliability. The results report is sent within the day if you come before 14:00 hours unless EXCEPTIONALLY the test has to be repeated due to inconclusive results.
  • Our Viral Load Antigen, allows us to detect with a very high sensitivity the viral load existing at the moment of the test, which determines the moment of infection and how contagious we can be. Results in 1 hour, nasal surface test. Technology endorsed by the EU and FDA.
  • ANTIGEN TEST with 94% reliability. Results in just 15 minutes, with superficial nasal swabbing.
  • DIFFERENTIATED ANTIGEN TEST allows distinguishing between Covid and seasonal influenza, with a reliability of 94%. Results in just 15 minutes, with a superficial nasal swab.
Have I passed the virus and do I have antibodies?
  • ANTIBODY SEROLOGY. Quantitative method with a reliability of 95%. Results in 4 hours. Blood drawn from the arm.
  • RAPID ANTIBODY TEST. Qualitative method with a reliability of 87%. Results in 15 min. Finger prick.

What do I do if I am interested?

Come directly to our centre in Madrid Blue Healthcare (Avenida de Alberto Alcocer, 5 y 7. Madrid) during business hours from 9-20h. You can also make an appointment directly through our website, or by calling 919 991 770. If you have any questions, you can email us at info@bluehc.es


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