Blue Digital Addiction

BlueDigital Addiction

The uncontrolled use of technology (social networks, mobile phones, games consoles etc.) is known as digital addiction. Although adolescents are the most vulnerable group to digital addiction, the number of adults starting to present serious conditions is increasing. The programme aims to diagnose the degree of dependence, as well as establishing and tracking patterns in order to regain control of the situation.

What do we analyse?

  • Personal history
  • Medical history
  • Medical reports from previous years
  • Assessment of emotional state
  • Specific tests
  • Clinical analysis: Your doctor will carry out a personalised assessment in order to prescribe the necessary parameters and profiles. The health coordinator can organise for samples to be collected at your home
  • Health Tunnel Assessment: Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Oxygen Saturation, Body Temperature, Electrocardiogram, Size, Weight, Body Mass Index
  • Personalised treatment plan


Mind Area

How do I sign up to a programme?

All the Mind Area programmes require the patient to have submitted a comprehensive questionnaire as part of each Psychiatry Unit’s initial assessment, as well as an initial medical consultation, so the programme that best suits their needs can be selected.



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Initial Assessment for chosen Blue Mind Programme.

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