Borderline Personality Disorder Unit

Borderline Personality Disorder Unit

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What do we do?

The Blue Healthcare Borderline Personality Disorder Unit offers a comprehensive approach to personality, to deal with psychological, family and social difficulties, and the biological vulnerability of these disorders. Our treatments are designed to suit each person and seek to strengthen personality and psychological balance.

The method to achieve these objectives includes:

  • Medical-psychiatric study
  • Psychological and personality study
  • Intensive psychotherapy adapted to each person
  • Vocational therapy and occupational guidance
  • Companionship and social support
  • Social skills training
  • Strengthening values and cooperativeness
  • Leisure and free time planning
  • School for training and helping families
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Services portfolio: A programme for each individual

Unit manager

Dr D. José Luis Carrasco Perera

Dr José Luis Carrasco is Professor of Psychiatry at the Complutense University of Madrid and head of department at the San Carlos Clinical Hospital, where he manages the Personality and Behavioural Disorder Unit.

He received his Bachelor’s degree as a Doctor of Medicine at the Autonomous University of Madrid and the qualification of specialist in Psychiatry at the Ramón y Cajal Hospital in Madrid. Research fellow in neurobiology at Columbia University in New York.  Since graduation he has carried out continuous investigative work on personality and behavioural disorders with a particular focus on brain research into aggressive impulsive behaviours and on the biological and emotional bases of personality and behaviour.

He has written numerous articles in prestigious scientific journals that reflect pioneering lines of research in the neurobiology of borderline personality disorder, including studies into emotional brain response, neurochemical dysfunctions and hypothalamic-pituitary stress response abnormalities.

Dr José Luis Carrasco developed his clinical activity at the Personality and Behavioural Disorder Unit of San Carlos Clinical Hospital, engaged in diagnosing and treating patients with disorders of affective instability and impulsivity, together with borderline personality disorders and other affective, aggressive, impulsive disorders. He organises the teaching of undergraduate students of Medicine and postgraduate programmes, directs doctoral theses and leads continuing education programmes for health professionals.  He leads the Master’s course in Personality Disorders at the Complutense University and has received various awards and distinctions

He is the principal investigator for the Behavioural and Personality Disorder Group of the San Carlos Health Research Institute (IdISSC) and for the Cibersam Mental Health Research Network, having directed numerous national and international research projects in this area. Dr José Luis Carrasco was the founding president of the Spanish Society for the Study of Personality Disorders, director of the Borderline Personality Disorder project of the National Health Strategy and promoter of the European EUNET Network for the study of impulsive personality disorders.

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