Mind Area

Mind Area

In search of psychological balance

The Blue Healthcare Mind Area was created to become the reference medical and psychological model for the diagnosis and treatment of emotional distress, psychological conflicts and psychiatric disorders including behaviour control problems in the areas of personality and eating behaviour, as well as neurodevelopmental disorders (including learning disorders and autism spectrum disorders).

Our team specialises in eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia and other eating disorders), borderline personality disorder, child and youth learning and behavioural difficulties, autism and neurodevelopmental disorders, guidance and approach to the difficulties of the adoption process, and anxiety and depression. All our therapists are reputable professionals who are committing to offering the best treatment based on scientific evidence, experience and closeness to suffering patients and family members. In addition, we use the latest techniques in neuroscience and genetic advice and we have a research and teaching team to train both professionals and patients and their families.

Our mission is to help people to:

  • Receive the most accurate diagnosis and comprehensive treatment
  • Receive comprehensive and early intervention
  • Strengthen and consolidate personality.
  • Normalise eating behaviour and other behavioural disorders.
  • Eliminate the negative influences of your environment.
  • Develop your skills and strengths.
  • Give genetic advice where possible
  • Strengthen your values.
  • Defend your autonomy.

Medical units: Diagnosis and treatment


Specialised day centers

The Day Centres in Blue Healthcare's Mind Area offer patients intensive therapeutic stays for several hours a day. Designed for patients to fit around their academic, work and social life.

Day centres are specific for each type of patient. The objective is to stabilise behaviour, regulate eating habits, treat autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders at an early stage, and restore confidence and motivation. We do this through psychological learning, reshaping personality, habits and stimulation and early intervention based on therapies with proven scientific evidence, with personal and friendly treatment.

There are different Day Centres for children and young people, and adults. Specialised therapies and workshops are carried out in the centres for the different disorders, among which are:

  • Emotional and behavioural self-regulation therapy
  • Self-awareness, identity and awareness therapy
  • Body and body image therapy
  • Social and interpersonal skills therapy
  • Occupational and vocational guidance therapy
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness
  • Acceptance and commitment therapy
  • EMDR therapy for trauma processing
  • Brief Strategic Psychotherapy
  • Early stimulation
  • Neurocognitive rehabilitation
  • Social skills for preteens (FORTEUS Programme, Legotherapy)
  • Psychopedagogical intervention
  • Creative expression workshops (interpretation and theatre, art therapy, music therapy)
  • Humanistic guidance and transcendence workshops
  • Guidance and family therapy workshops
  • Sports and fitness activities


Communal dining

The Blue Healthcare Mind Area Dining Room is designed to reform the eating habits of people with problems in order to regulate their eating behaviour and help them understand eating as a healthy activity and interpersonal relationship.

The objectives include:

  • Promoting weight recovery and food self-regulation
  • Overcoming existing difficulties in the family environment to normalise food
  • Giving information to remove fears and distorted beliefs regarding intake, weight and nutrients
  • Educating about healthy nutritional habits
  • Regulating emotions and affectivity related to eating
  • Improving interpersonal relationships by learning to understand food as a social and relational act with others.  
  • Providing tools and resources to cope with eating outside the communal dining area and maintaining healthy habits in the long term

The menu will consist of organic and natural products, specially chosen to meet each of our patients’ nutritional needs by tailoring and customising their diets.

Customised programmes

The Blue Healthcare Mind Area pillars

01. Leadership

  • Leadership in quality care, excellence and humanity
  • Leadership in medical and psychological multidisciplinary integration
  • Leadership in therapeutic innovation
  • International scientific leadership
  • Continuous research and university training

02. Prevention, early detection and genetic advice

  • Assessing development of the main psychological functions at an early age.
  • Early detection of problems with learning and interpersonal skills.
  • Assessing the genetic causes of neurodevelopmental disorders and genetic advice if appropriate.

03. Promotion of Mental Health

Therapeutic support

Designed to facilitate daily tasks and normalise behaviours in the family, as well as social and leisure activities for people who need extra help.

  • Support with maintaining healthy nutrition outside the centre.
  • Support with establishing routines and rules of behaviour
  • Support with activities in daily life
  • Guidance and support with procedures and actions
  • Facilitation of social integration
TRANSCENDENCE programme. Leisure, Culture and Free Time

The Blue Healthcare Mind Area’s TRANSCENDENCE programme is designed to promote the discovery of life’s meaning by connecting with the environment, the capacity for enjoyment, empathy, cooperation, humanism and human values and the feeling of transcending human life.

The programme includes several activities and workshops:

"Who I want to be” workshops:

  • Vocational guidance
  • Personal motivation
  • Relationships with others
  • Leisure
  • Being part of society
  • Humanist values

"Let’s learn" workshops:

  • Conferences
  • Debates
  • Forums
  • Events

"Let’s do it” workshops:

  • Therapeutic trips: cinema, exhibitions, outdoor leisure outings

"Let’s cook” workshops:

  • Cooking classes aimed at improving the relationship with food

"Let’s play sport" workshops:

  • Sports activities to keep in shape

"Let’s help” workshops:

  • Volunteering

Workshops: "Me and my family"

  • Family activities

Workshops: "Let’s have fun":

  • Theatre group
  • Music therapy Choir
  • Art therapy
  • Craft workshops

Workshops: "Let’s reflect":

  • Meditation, Harmony, Spirituality, Transcendence

Wellness for health workshops

  • Wellness activities
  • Exercise
  • Yoga
Parent and Family School

The programme is designed to support and train families on how to participate in the recovery process..

For this, workshops and training seminars for families on different practical areas are held:

  • The causes of difficulties and behavioural problems
  • Guidelines for managing boundaries and rules
  • Guidelines for communication and active listening. Barriers in family communication. Family communication skills
  • The evolutionary and psychological development of humans
  • Personality: development and components
  • Sense of self and self-esteem. Importance of family in developing self-esteem
  • Responsibility and consistency
  • Self-control, discipline and self-discipline
  • Decision making. Frustration tolerance
  • Feelings and emotions
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Family health:
    • Healthy nutrition. Food groups The food pyramid
    • Physical exercise and sport
    • Emotional or sexual relations
    • Toxins
    • Dreams
Therapeutic digital applications

Development of apps for mobile use, specific for different therapeutic needs.

  • Apps for food self-control
  • Apps for anxiety management
  • Apps for anger management
  • Apps to prevent self-harm
  • Apps to help with interpersonal skills
  • Family support apps
  • Autism support apps

04. Care in different languages

We are aware of the need to care for patients of other nationalities and the need for treatment continuity for international students studying different academic courses in our country, so we have professionals who offer our treatment model in English and Portuguese.

05. Telemedicine and videos

We use telemedicine, online consultations and training videos to enable continuous contact with and supervision of the patient, so distance is not a barrier.

06. Renowned medical specialists

A team of internationally renowned professionals, who have access and participate in the development of the most innovative therapies, are part of the Mind area of Blue Healthcare.
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