Environmental Medicine Unit

Environmental Medicine Unit

Longevity Area


What do we do?

The Environmental Medicine Unit is responsible for preventing and treating chronic and recurrent diseases related to environmental toxins. It specialises in early detection and the search for environmental factors that cause discomfort in patients.

It is a cross-sectional unit that works closely with the other areas of Blue Healthcare to assess the impact of environmental toxins on both healthy patients and those affected by different pathologies.

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Service portfolio

We are primarily targeting people who have any of the following symptoms:

  • General: obesity not improved by diet, insomnia, palpitations, cold hands, cold feet, hypertension with no apparent cause, excessive sweating or inability to sweat, fluid retention, tiredness etc.
  • Ear, nose and throat and eye: mouth sores, tongue irritation, recurrent throat irritation, variation in visual sharpness, itchy eyes, puffy eyes, nasal polyps, recurrent sinusitis, otitis etc.
  • Gastrointestinal: gastroesophageal reflux, non-ulcer dyspepsia, swelling of the abdomen, gas, diarrhoea, constipation, excessive hunger, food cravings etc.
  • Neuropsychological: migraines, depression, concentration and memory problems, mood and emotional state changes, behavioural disorders, panic attacks, coordination problems, tingling, restlessness, hyperactivity, sleep disorders etc.
  • Genitourinary: recurrent cystitis, urinary stress incontinence, premenstrual tension, menstrual cramps etc.
  • Skin: pruritus, acne, eczema, hives, angioedema etc.
  • Musculoskeletal: back pain, arthritis, muscle weakness, cramps etc.
  • Any allergy or hypersensitivity symptoms

Unit manager

Dr Pilar Muñoz-Calero

Medical Director of the Longevity Area

Paediatrician, neonatologist, stomatologist, addiction specialist and world leader in environmental medicine. As well as being Blue Healthcare’s Medical Director of the Longevity Area, Dr Muñoz-Calero is President of the Alborada Foundation and Co-director of the Department of Pathology and the Environment at the Complutense University of Madrid, where she is an associate professor. She is registered in Spain and the United Kingdom with the General Medical Council. She is also a member of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine.

Av. de Alberto de Alcocer, 7, Ground floor
28036 Madrid - Spain

Tel: +34 919 991 770

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