Endocrinology and Nutrition Unit

Endocrinology and Nutrition Unit

Longevity Area


What do we do?

The Blue Healthcare Endocrinology and Nutrition Unit specialises in the prevention and treatment of endocrine and metabolic diseases, and in designing personalised nutritional plans for different situations and pathologies of patients attending our centres.

Our target patients are people with a chronic disease related to the speciality and healthy people who want to learn about eating better and getting healthier lifestyle habits.

Our specialists offer individualised nutrition and supplementation plans, as well as pharmacological treatments where necessary. We also organise individual and group training and support activities to promote healthy lifestyle habits (food, exercise etc.)

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Service portfolio

  • Diabetes/metabolic syndrome consultation
  • Nutrition consultation
  • Consultation for other endocrinopathies (hypothalamus-pituitary, adrenal, etc.)
  • Thyroid pathology consultation
  • Obesity/excess weight consultation
  • Hospital clinical nutrition (medical support and supervision in IV solutions at the Day Hospital, mainly if they involve intravenous nutrition)
  • Diagnostic tests:
    • Bioimpedanciometry
    • Anthropometric measurements
Unit manager
Dr Teresa Lajo Morales
Av. de Alberto de Alcocer, 7, Ground floor
28036 Madrid - Spain

Tel: +34 919 991 770