Cardiology Unit

Cardiology Unit

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What do we do?

The Blue Healthcare Cardiology Unit is dedicated to reducing the incidence of cardiovascular diseases from a cellular approach to human body systems. In our work we take into account all the body's systems and their connections with the heart and vascular system. In addition, we also consider the patient’s living environment, as it is scientifically proven that contamination is a cardiovascular risk factor.

This unit’s mission is to promote cardiovascular health, both primary prevention aimed at those who have never had cardiovascular problems, and secondary prevention for those who have had cardiovascular complications in the past. All prevention strategies are based on managing typical and atypical risk factors.

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Service portfolio

We target five population groups.

Unit manager
Dr Sergio Mejía Viana
Av. de Alberto de Alcocer, 7, Ground floor
28036 Madrid - Spain

Tel: +34 919 991 770

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