Blue Spaces

Blue Spaces

The first toxic-free medical centres and campuses in Spain

The reference point of the Blue Spaces are what scientists and demographers describe as blue zones. These places are known for having the highest longevity index in the world, and because their inhabitants have balanced and robust physical and mental health. Key to the success of these communities is the environment and healthy lifestyles of their inhabitants, factors which are present throughout the development and design of our Blue centres and campuses.

In June 2019, we opened the first Blue Spaces at 5 and 7, Avenida de Alberto Alcocer in Madrid and in 2021 we plan to open the doors of the first Blue Campus; a 15,000 square metre space in Pozuelo de Alarcón, next to the capital’s Casa de Campo. In all our centres, the Longevity and Mind areas live alongside those for assessment, teaching and research.

Currently, our Blue Spaces are toxic-free medical centres. Each space has been designed and built according to environmental medicine’s latest recommendations and each consultation is equipped with the latest medical technology and data analysis to offer our patients the most complete diagnoses on the market in the shortest possible time. In addition, our patients can have all the tests in one of our welcoming and comfortable centres.


Spaces that respect health and the environment

Each element of the Blue centres is designed to be respectful of health and the environment. All the materials used are free from toxic emissions and all our machinery is energy efficient. We also take care of our patients’ nutrition, paying special attention to where the food is from and how it is handled in order to avoid external contamination. In our healthy kitchens we prepare menus of high nutritional quality which are adapted to each of our programmes.


Forward-looking smart medicine

Looking ahead, our goal is to launch a network of Blue centres and campuses in Spain and other countries.

We would like the Blue Campuses to be spacious, hospital-type health facilities, with the capacity to offer our clients specialised services and to carry out research and teaching activities. The clinical units (operating rooms, day hospital, laboratory, pharmacy, emergency department and doctor's offices) will be complemented with wellness areas such as gyms, a rehabilitation centre and spa. At the Blue Campuses great value is given to creating a hospital environment, which is why we are designing gardens and outdoor microclimates with leisure and rest corners to improve the experience and progress of our patients. We are planning to build a Blue Hotel on the campus, to accommodate both patients and medical professionals who come to give seminars or receive training.

Blue Healthcare is a family business, with no involvement from investment funds or third parties. The planned investment for this first phase is 50 million euros.


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