Blue Programmes

All programmes include:

  • Personalised consultations with specialists
  • A physical, biological and cellular assessment of the patient
  • A Blue Life Plan with personalised guidelines: therapies, procedures, interventions, suggestions for a healthy lifestyle etc.
  • Patient follow-up via a health coordinator is available to answer questions, schedule appointments and motivate you to achieve your health goals
  • And if necessary, to prescribe personalised treatments, products and supplements

Throughout the process, the patient is supported by:

How do I sign up to a programme?

All Blue Healthcare programmes in the Longevity Area require a medical assessment for personalisation. The health coordinator will organise a two hour visit, and then let you know about the exact content and final price of your programme.

All the Mind Area programmes require the patient to have submitted a comprehensive questionnaire as part of each Psychiatry Unit’s initial assessment, as well as an initial medical consultation, so the programme that best suits their needs can be selected.


Longevity Area Programme Appointment


Initial Assessment for chosen Blue Longevity Programme + Health Tunnel.

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Mind Area Programme Appointment


Initial Assessment for chosen Blue Mind Programme.

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