Blue Method

The method that helps people live fully at every stage of life

The Blue Method is the new integrated and continuous medical care system that helps people live fully at every stage of life. This model is created to not only deal with eventualities, but also to support our patients over the years and teach them how to best look after their health. At Blue Healthcare we have professionals of renowned prestige in all the specialities who work together in bespoke teams, according to the needs of the patient.

Phase 1

Cutting-edge analysis

In this first phase we carry out a comprehensive medical analysis of the patient and their environment to understand the starting situation. For the assessment we use our own technology, like the Health Tunnel, and rely on the best providers of diagnostic, prognostic and analytical tests. Our goal is to obtain information about the patient’s past, present and future:

  • Past: Environment, and medical, personal and family history.
  • Present: Current state of health and well-being, lifestyle, physical abilities.
  • Future: Potential for improving health and well-being, disease prevention and delay, predictive technology.

Phase 2

Key information

When it comes to our work, we draw on three key pieces of information and integrate them into the different phases of our medical care model. Bringing together this knowledge is possible thanks to our medical professionals’ medical knowledge. They know how to integrate and interpret the data from different tests and providers and work alongside specialists from different health and well-being fields.


Phase 3

Blue Life Plan

After obtaining and analysing all the information, the specialists develop a personalised Blue Life Plan which suggests treatments and gives health and lifestyle recommendations to the patient, helping them build their own Blue Zone. The Blue Zones are the five places in the world with the highest longevity, according to scientists and demographers. Key to the success of these communities is the environment and healthy lifestyles of their inhabitants. With our Blue Life Plan we want to help patients choose the programmes and treatments best suited to them so they can improve their health and abilities, and live fully for many years.



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