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Blue Diagnostics

Blue Ambulance

At Blue Healthcare we attach great importance to analysing the patient's environment and we see it as fundamental to the study of the patient’s overall health status. For this reason we have developed a mobile service to analyse the patient’s home and their exposure to toxic substances and pollutants. This inspection lasts around two hours and is carried out by one of our specialists in environmental health. After the inspection the specialist will issue a report with recommendations to improve the patient’s health status.

High resolution ultrasound

Blue Healthcare is committed to carrying out non-invasive diagnostic tests, such as advanced ultrasound, which allows us to obtain images of our body’s structures using high-frequency sound waves.

  • Carotid ultrasound
  • Abdominal ultrasound
  • Thyroid ultrasound
  • Dermatological ultrasound
  • Musculoskeletal ultrasound
  • Urological ultrasound
  • Ultrasound-guided infiltration

Assessment and Analysis Unit

The Blue Healthcare Assessment and Analysis Unit is aimed at conducting biological cellular checks to determine the current status of its patients. These tests are specialised in organic and cellular plots to assess the patient’s development with excellence and scientific medical rigour.

Health Tunnel

It is located in our centres and is part of the virtual hospital which uses the latest technology for diagnosis. It is a room which uses automation and sensors to collect the patient’s main variables (blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, body temperature, electrocardiogram) so that they are available and visible on your clinical history when you go to the clinic, enabling the specialist to focus exclusively on your care.

Specialised and partner laboratories


01. Stem cell bank

Research into the uses of cells advances day by day in all fields of medicine. Today, for example, they are already being used clinically to cure defective tissues and grow replacement tissue.

The current fields of application are:

  • In cardiology, after heart attacks, stem cell therapy has already entered into routine use
  • In the area of joints, the growth and reproduction of cells and small cells to cover significant skin and cartilage defects has also become common
  • Under laboratory conditions, renal cells have been manufactured and their functionality tested. Other replacement organs and tissues are being grown and used in research.

Today, the most effective stem cells for present and future treatments are autologous, adult and pluripotent stem cells extracted from the skin, as they can regenerate any organ in the human body. Blue Healthcare has access to the most substantial skin cell banks in the world. The conservation of these stem cells can be seen as biological and personal life insurance that opens the doors to countless future medical options.

Stem cells also age and may change due to environmental influences, so the most prudent advice is to extract a sample from the tissue as soon as possible.

02. Cosmetic laboratories and customised supplements

Genomic science is revolutionising the cosmetic and customised nutraceutical industry. The development of these products is increasingly similar to that of medical treatments, where there is:

  • Analysis
  • Diagnosis
  • Prescription

The skin is a vascularised and multicellular organ with multiple functions in our body, from sun protection to essential immune function. The provision of micronutrients from the inside and at the topical level is key to enjoying healthy, young and luminous skin. In our diagnosis we use a genetic test to analyse the different characteristics of the skin of each individual and we also study phenotypic evolution to detect the current condition of the skin and its variations. With this information, we develop cosmetics (creams and serums) and nutraceuticals (oral supplements) adapted to the needs of each patient.

Our cosmetic and nutricosmetic products are manufactured with expert formulation and require a prescription. To develop our products we use the highest quality raw materials when using substances, active ingredients and natural compounds. The creams are totally free from toxic elements, dyes, and perfumes.

Genotyping through the latest generation array of the following GENES:

  • Telomere length (TERT, TERC)
  • Oxidative stress (CAT, SOD2, NQO1)
  • Wrinkles (HYAL2, NAT2, GLO1)
  • Firmness and Elasticity (IL6, COL1A1, TIMP-1, COX6CP3)
  • Hydration (AQP1, AQP9)
  • Inflammation (IL18, IL6, IFNG, ADAD1, IL-1B)
  • Pigmentation and Spots (TYR, NA)
  • Sun Damage (KITLG, MC1R, NA, IRF4)
  • Skin Detoxification (SOD2, EPHX1, NQ01, GSTP1)
  • Skin Sensitivity (IL18, NA, EPHX1, ADAD1)

The production of customised nutraceuticals will also be based on the results of each Blue Programme’s assessments and will be prescribed in the health plans prepared for each individual.

03. Epigenetics laboratories

In addition to genetic tests, which give us results that remain unchanged throughout life, we use epigenetic tests to measure biomarkers over time to determine the diagnosis and personalised treatment of diseases.

At Blue Healthcare, we incorporate epigenetics into genetic studies which allows us to study heritable and reversible changes in genetic function because they depend on the quality of interaction between the individual and their environment.

04. Genetics laboratories

Genetic tests offer wide coverage of the most common diseases and other less common ones. They are focused on prevention. We have state-of-the-art prognostic and diagnostic tests.

At Blue Healthcare we provide access to the latest test techniques, including biochemical genetics, molecular genetics and cytogenetics, such as sequencing the entire exome to identify genetic variants.

The growing increase in diseases with a genetic basis means medical genetics and clinical genomics play an important role in determining the risks of developing certain diseases, as well as in their detection and preventive treatment.

Blue Healthcare offers a Genetic Advice service to assess the different analytical and genomic tests, in order to help the patient understand their risk levels of developing certain diseases, contexualise the features of their environment (lifestyle, environmental factors etc.) and give you the tools you need to develop your personalised Blue Life Plan together with our medical team.

05. Advanced oncology laboratory

Aimed at cancer patients who seek the most customised and integrated treatments, and who have access to the most current cancer screening and monitoring tests.

Our agreement with the best oncology laboratories in the world means we offer:

  • Customised oncology tests for:
    • Detecting early signs of developing cancer
    • Helping to monitor existing cancers
    • Producing an individual profile of chemotherapy drugs and natural substances that can be used to achieve the best treatment results
  • Circulating tumour cells: Circulating tumour cells (CTC) are cells that have shed from the primary tumour into the blood or lymphatic circulation, creating an additional tumour. Despite being rare, these cells have metastatic potential and are related to cancer progression. Detecting and isolating them is a priority
  • Chemosensitivity tests: There is a growing interest in customised treatments and identifying suitable treatments that work for each cancer patient. The chemosensitivity test is a method used for this. Oncologists rely primarily on the statistical analysis of large treatment trials to decide which medications to use for specific cancers. Chemosensitivity tests involve testing an individual's cancer cells in the laboratory to identify which medications and natural substances have the best response.
  • Feasibility tests for chemotherapy drugs: Genetic profile for guidance on targeted therapies, for example, monoclonal antibodies
  • Feasibility tests (and identification of mechanisms of action) of natural substances that can be used as part of a complementary treatment strategy


Drug Interaction Unit

A common concern in the healthcare world is the interaction which occurs when a drug’s effect is altered by another drug or by any chemical compound in the environment. Some interactions may cause toxicity or decrease the desired effect of the drug. This situation can occur under special physiological conditions of the patient, due to being given too many medications, self-medication without monitoring or drug use. These interactions may affect the pharmacokinetics (at the level of absorption and metabolism) and/or the pharmacodynamics (at the level of effect) of the drugs.

Unwanted effects of interactions between medications are the third leading cause of death globally. An excess of medication or not monitoring possible interactions can be dangerous. This is why Blue Healthcare has created this unit, in which a team of experienced professionals made up of clinical pharmacologists, specialists in internal medicine, physiology, environmental medicine, etc. work together to study each case and provide the necessary information to avoid this issue.

Second Medical Opinion and Surgical Advice Unit

The Second Medical Opinion and Surgical Advice Unit offers a new perspective on a condition that has been assessed previously and on possible surgical interventions. This unit can help answer questions, clarify options and prevent unnecessary treatments and surgeries.

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