Blue Commitments

Blue Commitments

We help our patients improve their physical and mental abilities so they can enjoy a long and full life

At Blue Healthcare, we believe that medicine can do much more than just cure, so we have developed an innovative health proposal based on managing health heritage, in which the patient, guided by our medical team, becomes jointly responsible. In our centres we not only treat diseases and pathologies, but also analyse what can be done to prevent or delay them, and accelerate recovery. When assessing our patients, we don’t just look at a single piece of their health puzzle; the care model we offer is global and personalised and goes beyond traditional medical analysis, as we also consider our patients’ past, their environment, their lifestyle and the potential to improve their health and well-being. 

At Blue Healthcare we believe in preventive, predictive, accurate and personalised medicine.. We are convinced that intelligent and continuous investment in health helps people live longer and better.

At Blue Healthcare we are committed to:


Health and wellness education for our patients

We want to teach our patients about health and well-being so they can lead a full and active life and share their new habits and knowledge with those around them, creating increasingly healthy and environmentally friendly ecosystems. The kitchens and gardens at these centres will be another important focus of training.


We invest time, effort and money in training our professionals and investigating the main trends in medicine so we are always well informed about new and better techniques. We strictly comply with health regulations and laws. We don't have any conflicts of interest when offering specific technology or services, only what is the most suitable at any time. If a better alternative to what we offer appears on the market, we will change, expand and/or improve the service portfolio.

Environmental medicine

Due to the close relationship between the toxins dispersed in the environment and the development of diseases, we have designed our centres and our healthcare model without any substances which are harmful to health.

Training professionals

The Blue Campus will have classrooms and libraries to train university students and auditoriums to host courses and medical congresses.


Blue Campus’s laboratories and classrooms will be open to research projects of different levels and categories.

the new medicine

Our specialists will help you design a customised health plan

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