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BLUE Excellence Club
This is a premium medical support service. Its members have access to a complete package of health services.
Study of the human microbiome
The research reveals the connection between the intestinal microbiome and the immune system. Our microbiome test offers an in-depth analysis of intestinal health.
Genetic and Epigenetic Council
It evaluates the different advanced analytical and genomic tests to help the patient to understand the potential risks of developing certain diseases, and to contextualise the value of the tests on other factors that influence an individual (lifestyle, environmental factors etc.). In doing so, it offers the patient the right tools to make a free and properly informed decision when choosing a personalised health plan.
Comprehensive Diagnosis of Autism (ASD) and Neurodevelopmental Disorders
ASD requires a medical and psychological assessment to guide parents and intervene as early as possible. Today, the treatments proven to be the most effective are all early, intensive and general.
Unit specialised in caring for the individual
An integral approach to personality. The treatment is designed to suit each person and is aimed at strengthening personality and achieving psychological balance with the Day Units and Psychotherapies Programme.
Cellular Regenerative Medicine Unit
Cell-based therapy and using cells as therapeutic agents poses a new curative alternative for diseases for which current treatment is not effective or simply does not exist, providing the elements capable of regenerating damaged organs and tissues. Discover the latest scientifically proven techniques.
High resolution and 4D Ultrasound Unit
High resolution ultrasound allows us to detect any abnormality early so we can start treatment as soon as possible. 4D obstetric ultrasound allows us to obtain images of the foetus in 4 dimensions, reconstructing foetal structures like the face and the limbs in motion.
Intravenous Nutritional Laser Therapy
Infusions with customised formulas based on nutrients classified as "essential nutrients" among which are: vitamins, proteins, minerals and amino acids, developed for supplementation purposes to help clients improve energy, immunity, mood and general well-being.
Cosmetics and customised supplements
Development and continuous research in the customisation of cosmetics and nutritional supplements, with the highest quality raw materials, to administer substances, active ingredients and natural compounds. The production of customised cosmetics (creams and serums) and nutraceuticals (nutritional supplements) is a trending concept which will lead the way globally.


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Blue Personality Assessment

Comprehensive approach to Personality Disorder problems.


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Designed to optimise the expulsion of chemical pollutants from the body.


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Techniques, treatments and products to enhance beauty from within.

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