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The importance of diagnosis and early treatment of breast cancer

Dr Alexandra Henríquez Linares, specialist in mammary pathology and gynecological oncology. Today, on 19 October, the International Day against Breast Cancer, we must take the opportunity to look back and remember those people who have or have gone through a difficult stage in their lives as a result of this disease. We express our most … Leer más

BPD, a silent disease

Borderline personality disorder, better known as BPD, affects about 5% of the global population, as Dr José Luis Carrasco, who leads the Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) Unit at Blue Healthcare, explains. Over the years it has frequently been a misdiagnosed disease, confused with other psychopathologies such as bipolar disorder or depression, among others. It is … Leer más

Ten psychological guidelines to prevent school failure

By psychologist Jesús Paños, specialist in attention and learning difficulties in children When they go into the classroom to start a new class, children begin to see how their expectations and the reality of the new class come together. And what happens when this illusion is shattered and academic problems arise? Can we avoid so-called … Leer más

Can we do more than run away from pollution?

Lung cancer is the leading cause of deaths from cancer worldwide. It has been and continues to be the most frequent cancer and one of the most difficult to defeat. One of the main reasons? More than 70% of cases are detected in advanced stages. Diagnosis in early stages is vital and conditions the prognosis. … Leer más